4ka expands network coverage, raises data packages for the EU

Slovak operator 4ka has expanded the coverage of its LTE and 2G networks, reports Zive.aktuality.sk. Coverage has been improved in the towns of Vranov-nad-Toplou and Bytca, now fully covered. 4ka now fully covers 122 cities and towns across the country, or about 82 percent of the country’s population. The operator provides 3G services to subscribers on the network of Orange Slovakia. 4ka network coverage

All 4-customer customers who activate the popular GIGA data package or any of the SLOBODA + DATA EXTRA DATA data packages with automatic renewal by 31 January 2022 will also receive permanent data as a benefit.

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Twice the data for a regular renewal of the GIGA package


Every customer who activates a GIGA data package with renewal can get a new 2 GIGA data package, ie up to twice the data – 2GB of data in the Slovak Republic for the same price of 2 Euros (of which 1.33 GB can be drawn in the EU). The benefit is valid from the activation of the package for each additional renewed package permanently, resp. until the GIGA package auto-renew is interrupted. The data in the GIGA package can be used in the 4G 4ky network and also in the 3G network of a roaming partner in the Slovak Republic.

How to activate GIGA package with recovery? 4ka network coverage

You can easily and quickly activate the GIGA data package with recovery in the My 4ka mobile application or the My Zone section on the 4ky website.
Activation is also possible by sending a free SMS in the form of GIGA to the number 950, while deactivation is possible by sending an SMS in the form of GIGA STOP to the number 950. By sending an SMS in the form of GIGA STATUS the customer finds out whether or not the GIGA package is renewed.

Extra gigabytes for believers with SLOBODA + 4ka network coverage

Every customer who activates any FREEDOM + DATA EXTRA data package and will renew them regularly without interruption, either by credit or by payment card, will receive an additional 4GB of data in the Slovak Republic. The benefit can thus be used for the regular renewal of SLOBODA 100+, SLOBODA 300+ and SLOBODA NEKINČNO +. The benefit, similar to the GIGA package, is valid for the entire period of use with regular renewal.

The customer e.g. with regular renewal SLOBODA 100+ will get up to 15GB of data in the whole SR (of which 3.78 GB in the EU) for 10 Euros and 100 minutes / SMS in the SR, or up to 20 GB in the whole SR (of which 3.78 GB in the EU) for 14 euros with SLOBODA 300+ and 300 minutes / SMS in the Slovak Republic.

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