4 Useful apps for corporate travellers

Feelings of disorientation, disruption and general culture shock are some of the biggest barriers to corporate travellers enjoying their trip and so any steps that an organisation takes to help their employees overcome these feelings can make very tangible improvements to traveller experience.

Here’s a curated collection of apps that were created with business travelers in mind.

1. Whym
One of the most daunting aspects facing travellers who are about to embark on an international business trip is the language barrier. Although frequent travellers may be confident in the niceties and small talk, a quick flip through a phrasebook or an under-the-table turn to Google Translate doesn’t always cut it when they’re looking to have a more involved conversation.

If compromising on communication is a source of anxiety for a traveller then it’s a good idea to make them aware of reliable translation tools. Whym is a live translation app that gives travellers anywhere in the world access to a professional interpreter, at any time of day. Travellers can simply take out their smartphone, select the language they need and within 60 seconds, a professional interpreter will be on the line ready to help.

2. Timeshifter
Meeting a new team or getting the green light from a client requires peak performance and no one is at their peak when they’re battling with jet lag. At its best, jet lag leaves travellers feeling groggy and out of sorts, whereas at its worst it can cause migraines, sickness and memory loss – none of which are conducive to a productive trip.

Timeshifter provides personalised jet lag plans based on a traveller’s sleep pattern, chronotype, flight plan and optional preferences such as pre-travel adjustment or the use of melatonin for even faster adaptation. Developed by Harvard Medical School and used by astronauts, elite athletes and top CEOs, Timeshifter is well worth consideration for travellers who are serious about beating jet lag.

3. Class pass
Longer trips require greater disruption to a traveller’s work/life balance and can present a real risk to employee satisfaction; employees may find it difficult to continue with the health and wellbeing routines that they enjoy at home when faced with a new city, a new language and a new time zone. There’s a wealth of research to suggest that exercise is vital for a traveller’s wellbeing, with activity helping to fight jetlag, boost mood and sharpen focus – if nothing else, it’s a way to pass a string of lonely evenings.

ClassPass is a monthly fitness membership that offers travellers access to local gyms, studios and classes in other cities – all of which can be viewed on the app. Although some travellers might see the time away from home as time to relax, for others the chance to maintain their fitness routine or blow away the cobwebs is essential.

4. Workfrom
Productivity is usually top of a corporate traveller’s mind, keen for a day away from the office not to turn into the equivalent of a day out of office. However, when you touch down in a new city it’s hard to know where can provide a power port in storm.

Workfrom enables travellers to search any city for the best coffee shops, cafes, and coworking spaces, prioritising fast Wifi, good coffee and great atmosphere. Recommendations are made by the local community telling you what you need to know working from places like coffee shops, cafes, bars, coworking spaces, hotels, restaurants and more.

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