3 Sweden says most Swedes do not know much about benefits of 5G

Mobile operator 3 Sweden said most Swedes (66%) say they know little or nothing about the differences between 5G and 4G, with only a third saying they are au fait with the new standard.

About 50 percent of respondents in a survey by Kantar Sifo for Tre said they expect 5G to make its big breakthrough in two to three years. Just 7 percent say they are interested in getting a 5G phone next time they need a new handset, and only 1 percent already own one.

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Today we see a similar situation as when we went from 3G to 4G ten years ago. At that time, many had a hard time imagining what 4G could mean. Of course, it is difficult to imagine something that has not existed before, says Per Stigenberg, technical director at Tre.

Half of Swedes expects, above all, faster surfing with 5G (49%), followed by more stable networks (33%) and better geographical coverage (28%). Only 16 percent expect new services such as HD streaming and new gaming experiences, and only 14 percent expect phones and gadgets with new functionality.

– It is true that 5G will provide significantly faster surf and even more stable networks with lower response times and less interruptions. It will also provide new services and hardware with new functionality. 5G, on the other hand, will not automatically provide better geographical coverage, says Per Stigenberg.

With a total of 460 5G masts, Tre has started a strong investment in the expansion of the 5G network in Stockholm, Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Uppsala and Västerås. However, the really high speeds – many times faster than 4G – will begin to be expanded around the turn of the year when the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency makes more and larger 5G frequencies available to all operators.

Many (48%) believe that 5G will be widely known and used by the general public in Sweden in two to three years. 18 percent think it will take more than four years and only 12 percent think it will go fast – within a year. The fact that the network is fully developed and that the operators’ prices for 5G are comparable to today’s prices is seen by most as the main factors for 5G to have a broad impact in Sweden (38 and 39%, respectively). 3 sweden 5g

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