3 Sweden makes eSIMs instantly available via Mitt3 self-service app

3 Sweden said customers can now order and activate eSIM cards via the Mitt3 self-service application.


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Many of our customers mention eSIM as an advantage in our customer satisfaction surveys and now we have made it even easier for our existing customers to switch to eSIM. Instead of going to a store or waiting for the QR code to come by the mail, you get started in an instant, says Rune Pedersen, head of the consumer business at Tre.

To order and activate eSIM, the customer logs in to Mitt3 with their computer and follows the instructions, it only takes a few minutes to use their eSIM. The benefits of eSIM are many, especially thanks to the possibility of having several subscriptions in the same phone.

– The next step is to continue digitizing the customer journey and making the technology available for more types of hardware. eSIM is an exciting service that creates many opportunities ahead, says Rune Pedersen.

Three were first with eSIM for Apple Watch 2018 and have since continued to be at the forefront by being the first to offer the service for iPhone and tablets.

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