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“3” Denmark users roam like at home in Russia too

Denmark’s fourth largest mobile company, ‘3’ customers, can now also talk and use data on their mobile phone in Russia without having to pay extra. 3 russia roaming

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From April 25, “3” has removed the roaming fee – the additional price that one still has to pay to call and go online from the mobile phone in many countries – in Russia, which with nine time zones is the world’s largest geographical country.


Until now: 3,000 kroner for 5 minutes on Facebook (€400!)

“Our ambition is to give the Danes a little more of the world, praying for prayers. And we would like to ultimately be the telecommunications company in Denmark, which first covers the whole world, “says David Elsass, 3 ‘s private customer director.

So far, it has cost 9.15 kroner per minute to call Denmark to Russia, while a megabytes of data has cost 75 kroner.

Five minutes on Facebook have so far easily cost 3,000 kroner. Now it’s part of the subscription and you can use up to 20 GB of data for up to a month at a time, as well as no additional calls to either Danish or local numbers or to send text and multimedia messages to Danish and local numbers. If you call foreign numbers outside the country in which you are, it still costs a common foreign rate.

Fun facts:                                                                                                                                                                              Russia currently has nine time zones (formerly 11)– Russia is approx. 400 times as big as Denmark
– With the addition of Russia, 3LikeHome covers 29% of the world’s land mass
– With approx. 147 million inhabitants in Russia cover 3LikeHome, totaling 3.1 billion inhabitants
– The 3LikeHome countries therefore constitute approximately 45% of the world’s population

‘3’ has gradually removed roaming land by country since 2014, using its Danish subscription for both voice and data and at Danish prices when in 55 countries worldwide. “3” is the Danish telecommunications company, which has removed roaming in most countries.

‘Three’ customers are like at home most of the time 3 russia roaming

The other three major – in order of TDC, Telenor and Telia – have only removed roaming in the EU, as the EU forced all European telecommunications companies into June 2017. ‘3’ however, sees a business to stand out by country to country agreements with local telecommunications companies that do not normally pay extra when the customer uses the mobile phone or data connection. Instead, ‘3’ pays out the extra bill.

When the calculation can be linked, it’s because customers spend most of the year in Denmark, so it’s only for limited periods that they actually use the phone abroad. For the remainder of the year, they pay the full subscription, which thus covers ‘3’ s extra bill.

‘3’ has included its ‘3LikeHome’ in all private subscriptions with free talk and broadband and in a number of business subscriptions. 3 russia roaming

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