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3 Denmark starts offering travel insurance

The launch of 3 Travel Insurance is part of 3's ambition to continuously offer customers more relevant and user-friendly products and create a better overview


3 Denmark is offering travel insurance to customers and their offspring under the age of 18 in conjunction with insurer Europaiske ERV, belonging to German company Ergo Reiseversichering. Cover costs DKK 99 per month and is available through the mobile operator’s online self-service facility, its shops and its customer services.


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The operator said the new product, 3Rejseforsikring, provides the usual benefits of insurance as well as extras that tend to be expensive, such as private hospitals, compensation for lost luggage, late departure and arrival, excess for car hire, winter sports and extreme sports, and cancellation.

We want our customers to experience ultimate freedom when traveling. First, we removed the concern for high roaming prices, and now we will do the same with insurance. It is an exciting new market for us, and therefore we are also extremely proud to be able to introduce the product in cooperation with such a experienced partner as European, which is Denmark’s largest and oldest travel insurance company. We think we have taken the best from several worlds and created a unique product, ”says David Elsass, who is the director of the private market at 3.

The insurances service requires 30 days’ notice. It covers up to 30 days’ travel outside Denmark. The insurance is linked to a telephone number. Validity starts from the time of purchase.

Facts about 3 Travel Insurance:

Costs 99 kr. month with 30 days notice
Cover for travel up to 30 days in countries outside Denmark
Can be purchased by private customers at 3, who already have a voice subscription, are over 18 and have a permanent residence in Denmark
Travel insurance is linked to a telephone number and covers the primary user of the number and children living under the age of 18

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