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3 Denmark says Easter roaming figures show

Much has changed since 2019 and coronavirus pandemic, but now it seems that something is about to return to normal. The desire to travel to several major European tourist destinations is on the same level as before the Corona crisis broke out. This indicates figures from the telecommunications company 3 Denmark, made on the basis of roaming consumption from the company’s customers abroad during the Easter weeks of 2019, 2021 and 2022. denmark roaming

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In 2022, more of the telecommunications company’s customers used roaming via 3LikeHome compared to 2019 in a number of European countries. The largest increase is in Italy, which lands at 108% in 2022 compared to 2019. There were also more customers who used 3LikeHome in France and Austria, while countries such as Portugal, Spain and Norway hit almost the same level as in 2019. .

“The figures show that the corona ghost is really disappearing – not just in Denmark – but also in the rest of Europe. That we are actually experiencing travel activity surpassing 2019 suggests that there is untapped potential after two years where we have not been able to cross borders. People really want to go, ”says Jesper Bennike, Executive Vice President and COO at 3.

Rise for distant destinations denmark roaming

Remote destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Canada and the USA continue to lag behind, measured by the number of customers at 3 who use roaming in 2022 compared to 2019. But this year it turns out that there is a large increase in all four countries compared to Easter week last year, with the United States in particular approaching the level of 2019.

“It has become easier for our customers to travel, and during the corona crisis, we added more countries to 3LikeHome so that our customers can use roaming when they are on holiday,” says Jesper Bennike.

During the corona crisis, the telecommunications company included 3 more countries under the 3LikeHome concept, so that it now includes a total of 73 countries where the company’s private and business customers can call, text and use data abroad on the same terms as in Denmark.


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