3 Denmark extends 3LikeHome roaming service to Thailand

3 Denmark said it is extending the scope of it 3LikeHome roaming service to cover Thailand, enabling customers to use their phones at the same prices there as in Denmark. 3 Denmark 3likehome

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This expands the number of countries under 3LikeHome to 53. 3LikeHome is included in all of the operator’s Fri Tale and mobile broadband subscriptions for retail customers, and in some services for business customers.

3LikeHome covers traffic on any network in the partner countries, incoming and outgoing voice calls from/to Danish and local numbers, texts and MMS to Danish and local numbers, and up to 10 GB of mobile data for 30 days from the customer’s usual package.

Calls to numbers in foreign countries other than the one where the customer is, are charged at the normal overseas rates. 3 Denmark 3likehome

All customers have basically blocked the consumption of data, voice and messages on board ships and aircraft that offer connection via satellite connection instead of normal land-based masts. The satellite network has much higher prices and is not included in 3LikeHome. If you still want to allow consumption via Ships and Airplanes, you can provide access via Mit3 Self-Service, the Mit 3 App or Customer Service.


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