20 GB as equivalent to unlimited in Belgium

Belgium's Orange started using 'unlimited' to describe plans with 20 GB data, thereafter throttled to 0.5 Mbit/s. Proximus and Telenet followed and are now also offering 'unlimited' 20 GB plans

Regardless of technology, data usage could be elevated by an increased data-only penetration through fixed-line substitution. But a prerequisite for this – and for high data usage in general – is that the total revenue per gigabyte is low, Tefficient reports.
This is the case in India, Finland, Taiwan, Lithuania, Latvia, Thailand, Estonia and Austria. These countries are mobile data paradises for users.
Canada and Belgium represent the other end. The total revenue per gigabyte here is roughly 70 times higher than in India and 23 times higher than in Finland. And consequently, mobile usage is lower than average.


Orange Belgium announces the launch of the first mobile subscription with unlimited mobile data volume in Belgium on February 12th as a first move underlining its bold challenger positioning. As from 40€/month, on top of unlimited SMS and calls, the Orange Eagle tariff plans will now include unlimited mobile data to allow customers to surf carefree anytime and anywhere they want without having to worry about their internet use anymore. But…

Eagle and Eagle Premium customers can enjoy 20GB/month of mobile data on Orange’s high quality and speed 4G network. Afterwards they continue to surf carefree at a reduced speed of 512 Kbps without any limit of surf volume in Belgium.

Proximus has ‘unlimited’ package Mobilus Unlimited XL for €37.99 a month. 20 GB at maximum speed, again.

Telenet has Kong Unlimited tariff for €43 and:

Unlimited * mobile data included in Kong Unlimited: Consumption in Belgium: Once the consumption exceeds a volume of 20 GB / month, a customer action may be requested to continue surfing during the remainder of the charging period and / or Telenet can reduce the mobile Internet speed to 512 kbps. 

Consumption in the rest of the EU zone: Once the consumption exceeds a volume of 16 GB / month, the customer can continue surfing at normal speed at 0.0054 euros (incl. VAT) per MB.




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