“2 for 1” offer for Vodafone Germany business users

Combine mobile and fixed and use the second tariff for one year free of charge

Vodafone Germany is launching a new convergence offering for corporate customers. Until January 31st, the self-employed and small companies who want to use Vodafone’s mobile and fixed network at the same time will benefit from attractive advantages: The second tariff (new contract in the mobile or fixed network) is free for the first twelve months of the contract period. In addition, ten mobile phone contracts can be equipped with unlimited data volume. vodafone germany convergence

Customers who are already surfing the Vodafone landline network and now also opt for a mobile phone tariff from will receive this for twelve months free of charge. The same applies: For corporate customers who are already equipped with mobile communications from Vodafone and now book access to the fast fixed network, they benefit from a year’s free tariff in the fixed network.

New customers who book mobile and landline at the same time receive the landline tariff free of charge for the first year. Irrespective of whether customers book a new mobile or fixed-line contract, they receive up to ten prime mobile phone tariffs with unlimited data volume.

Secure your second 1-year contract now for €0. Including unlimited data volume for your Red Business Prime mobile phone contract.

What is the 2 for 1 offer and what are my benefits?
With this you secure a price of 0 € for your new mobile phone or fixed network & Internet contract and unlimited data volume in your previous or new Red Business Prime mobile phone contract for up to 10 cards for 12 months. If you are already with us as a business customer and if you are new to us.

Which fares are eligible for the 2 for 1 promotion?

These mobile phone tariffs are entitled:

  • Vodafone Red Business Prime Go
  • Vodafone Red Business Prime
  • Vodafone Red Business Prime Plus
  • Vodafone Red Business Prime Unlimited

These Internet & landline tariffs are eligible:

  • Vodafone Red Business Internet & Phone 1000 Cable
  • Vodafone Red Business Internet & Phone 500 Cable
  • Vodafone Red Business Internet & Phone 300 Cable
  • Vodafone Red Business Internet & Phone 100 Cable
  • Vodafone Red Business Internet 1000 Cable
  • Vodafone Red Business Internet 500 Cable
  • Vodafone Red Business Internet 300 Cable
  • Vodafone Red Business Internet 100 Cable

How do I identify myself as an existing business customer?
Enter your Internet & landline customer number or Red Business Prime mobile phone number in the booking process. We can see from your customer number or mobile phone number that you are our business customer and you will receive your 2 for 1 benefits. You can find your landline customer number in your contract and on your invoices.

How long do I get unlimited data volume in my Red Business Prime mobile phone contract?
As long as you have a landline contract with us that is eligible and active for the promotion. When the contract ends, your entitlement to the unlimited data volume in your mobile phone contract expires.

How long does the 2 for 1 promotion run?
The promotion runs until January 31, 2023. If you conclude a new business contract or both contracts together with your Red Business Prime mobile phone or Internet & landline contract before then, you can benefit from the special offers.

Get up to €300 per tariff vodafone germany convergence

Get your money back. Because now there’s up to €300 cashback for every ordered Red Business Prime tariff.
That’s how it’s done:

  1. After ordering, identify yourself with your proof of business and identity card
  2. Wait for the successful contract activation – this takes about 7 days
  3. Money back – 2-3 weeks after activating the contract, we will transfer the cashback to the account details you have provided


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