1&1 Drillisch installs first antennae in 5G test of equipment from CommScope and ZTE

German operator 1&1 Drillisch has installed the first base stations of its new network, Teltarif.de reports citing a video by YouTuber Tobske. The base stations are located at the company’s headquarters in Karlsruhe and Montabaur.


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A spokesperson for 1&1 Drillisch said that the company is currently testing 5G technology from various providers at several locations. This is part of a process to choose the equipment provider to build the 5G network with 1&1 Drillisch, the spokesperson added.


As announced at the end of the 5G auction, 1&1 Drillisch AG will lease spectrum for the installation of its own 5G mobile network at Telefónica. This involves two frequency blocks of 10 MHz each in the 2.6 GHz band. Drillisch Online GmbH, a subsidiary of 1&1 Drillisch AG, and Telefónica Germany have now signed a respective contract. The agreement is based on a self-commitment by Telefónica as part of the EU antitrust approval of the merger with E-Plus in 2014. The two frequency blocks will be available to 1&1 Drillisch until 31 December 2025. The agreement is subject to the approval of the Federal Network Agency.

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At the auction of spectrum in the 2 GHz and 3.6 GHz ranges, which ended in June 2019, 1&1 Drillisch acquired a total of two frequency blocks of 10 MHz in the 2 GHz band and five frequency blocks of 10 MHz in the 3.6 GHz band. While the 3.6 GHz spectrum is already available, the frequencies in the 2 GHz band will not be operational until 1 January 2026.

Ralph Dommermuth, CEO of 1&1 Drillisch AG:

“With this agreement, we are taking a further step on the way to setting up our own 5G network. The spectrum rented from Telefónica bridges the period until our own frequency blocks in the 2 GHz range can be used.“

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