11.40am on Monday morning is the critical time when Brits suddenly realise they have misplaced or forgotten an essential item

Millions of absent-minded Brits will be nodding their heads at the findings revealed today by Tile, the world’s leading community-powered finding platform. Brits are most likely to lose an item during the rush to work or the school run on Monday – between 7am and 9.59am – those crucial three hours when sleepiness, weekend hangovers and maybe work blues often lead to major recollection fails.

These missing moments can also happen throughout the day, with more than two in five of the population (41 per cent) searching their pockets or rummaging through bags for lost items up to three times a day. And after breaking into a cold sweat, over a quarter of the population (28 per cent) report turning on their heels and dashing back home – at least once a month – to retrieve a forgotten item.

Commenting on the findings, Peter Groom from Tile said: “People losing things can be one of the most annoying and time wasting parts of everyday life. What this research pinpoints is the precise time and day that people are most likely to hit the panic button when it comes to locating a personal possession. With the Christmas festivities in full swing, with late nights and early mornings, the chances that we forget or misplace things at this time of year are probably higher than ever.

“We all need a little help with the small things in life, so we’re hoping to help people sidestep those annoying lost moments, on Monday or any other day of the week. Of course technology, such as the Tile Mate, can help sort this age old problem and make our days and especially our mornings at 11.40am that little bit better.”

The Tile research also reveals:

  • Someone is more likely to lose a phone if they are from the North East of England (30 per cent), while those in the East Midlands are the most likely to misplace the remote control.
  • Yorkshire folk are the most likely to push the panic button (38 per cent), while the Northern Irish are the calmest under pressure, with 32 per cent saying they wouldn’t react if they forgot the whereabouts of something.
  • Men are twice as likely to lose or misplace a wallet compared to women losing track of their purses.
  • Call it millennial angst, but Generation Y is the age group most worried about misplacing items, while 65-year-olds and over are the most confident about never forgetting the whereabouts of an item.
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