10 Reasons to Cowork: Benefits for Businesses

Coworking is a continuing trend, as it influences many businesses to change how they work. Have you considered it for your business? 10 advantages to Coworking

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Before the pandemic, companies competed intensely for prime office space in major urban centers around the world, and many focused on solutions that were seen as promoting collaboration. Densification, open-office designs, hoteling, and co-working were the battle cries.

But estimates suggest that early this April, 62 percent of employed Americans worked at home during the crisis, compared with about 25 percent a couple of years ago. During the pandemic, many people have been surprised by how quickly and effectively technologies for videoconferencing and other forms of digital collaboration were adopted. For many, the results have been better than imagined.

According to McKinsey research, 80 percent of people questioned report that they enjoy working from home. Forty-one percent say that they are more productive than they had been before and 28 percent that they are as productive. Many employees liberated from long commutes and travel have found more productive ways to spend that time, enjoyed greater flexibility in balancing their personal and professional lives, and decided that they prefer to work from home rather than the office. Many organizations think they can access new pools of talent with fewer locational constraints, adopt innovative processes to boost productivity, create an even stronger culture, and significantly reduce real-estate costs.

10 advantages to Coworking


  1. TEAM

We believe any team’s dynamic is positively influenced by working in the same space together.


Unlike a conventional office, it lets you choose to work from thousands of locations around the world.


A change of scenery can help with a team’s creativity, productivity and overall willingness to perform.


Coworking can be scaled to your business needs more easily than a conventional office.


Coworking provides great opportunities for finding new business partners and clients.


Work closer to home and have more time to do what you love with our vast network


Working face-to-face with your colleagues can help you to work agile, faster, and more efficiently.


We’ve designed our spaces to promote collaboration and productivity – ideal for working together.


Coworking comes as a full package – high-speed WiFi, cleaning, utilities, and much more comes included.

10. COST

Coworking memberships are fully customisable to your business needs, making it an affordable option.


Regus global network of beautifully designed coworking spaces enables you to work wherever business takes you. Regus have thousands of locations around the world in every town, city, and transport hub.


  • Flexible Choose to work in an open-plan space or a shared office
  • Date Book desk space by the hour, day, or month
  • Coworking desk Take a dedicated desk that’s reserved just for you
  • Global Access to Regus global business lounge network
  • Location Or choose to hot desk in a location of your choice
  • Membership Airport lounge access with complimentary DragonPass 10 advantages to Coworking

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